Inter Motor User's Guide

General Information

This user manual and safety instructions for maintenance; for general use in industrial, low voltage, fully enclosed, with cage covers asynchronous electric motors. -20 ° C to +40 ° C in ambient temperatures in the range and is designed for heights exceeding 1000 meters above sea level.

Important point: the electric motors used in industrial applications, there is a danger of touching the electrical parts and rotating shafts. Transport and do not give placement to crash, installation and operation should be performed only by authorized personnel and relevant and should be checked.

Transport, storage, ventilation and cooling

Engines must be removed by lifting rings. Humidity, vibration-free, clean and must be stored in well-ventilated areas. Insulation values ​​long before the commissioning of the tank should be measured and wait for motor windings must be dried if necessary. Cooling air must pass over the motor. Established vertical air intake above the engine, maintaining the special additional cover, the introduction of water and foreign bodies into the engine should be avoided. Engine, which will operate in harsh climatic conditions outdoors and must be protected against direct sunlight.

Engine Placement and Operation

Before starting work on the motor, mains supply circuit must be disconnected. Engine must be installed on a flat, vibration-free environment. When the motors directly connected to machines, to come into alignment must be ensured. Transmission elements (powertrain) must be fitted using the appropriate tools and should be removed, should not apply pressure or shock to the bed. If the electric motors are switched for the first time or after a long stop process, the resistance of the windings must be measured before. Measurement is done by applying 500 V DC and resistance value is read after about one minute.

After Engine Assembly:

  • Is the motor correctly positioned and aligned?
  • Is it appropriate and sufficient insulation resistance elements Miller?
  • Is direction of rotation correct?
  • Is there an obstacle to the flow of cooling air?
  • Does the rotor turns freely?
  • The electrical connections of tightening elements and sufficiently rigorous?
  • Does full ground connection?
  • It has made proper lubrication?
  • For moving and electrical parts, the protective measures taken against touching me?

Considerations must be individually controlled.

The checks, however, not cover any possibility. Therefore plant and place a check made by the competent technical staff and installation and commissioning process by knowing the specific conditions would be appropriate. Care should be taken to cover the bed and the noise and the vibrations. If the engine does not return to normal or unusual noise; the engine must be deactivated, should investigate the reason for the slowdown noisy. The slowdown noisy cause mechanical failure, the slowdown is electrical noise causes malfunction. To stop the engine and wait for the cutter to be opened without braking and stop if any, should be taken to prevent water condensation heater circuit.

Engine cooling, in order to not cause any damage or injury, the temperature sensors thermal protection system, the engine must be reconnected so as to avoid an unexpected automatic start and should be checked. Constant torque applications, the speed of the frequency converter, the motor is operated at low speed with reduced long, shaft mounted fan loses its cooling effect significantly. In this case, it is recommended that done externally forced cooling. V-rings and dust seals radial (vertical) shaft seals (oil seals) must be fitted with a suitable tool by pushing it instead. Both seals should be applied to the tread lightly grease. In order to prevent damage that can occur from excessive friction, care should be taken of the V-ring dust seal to be placed in the correct axial position.

Spare Parts, Maintenance and Repair

Parts needed to operate efficient engines must be replaced with longer originals. Inter Electric motors are guaranteed for 2 years. (With use of wear and usage errors, accidents, etc. damaged. Repairs resulting from manufacturing and parts, except parts are covered by our company free of charge).

All engine components are designed to be easily replaced. The type of engine spare parts demand, structure and form part of a clear definition to be made. Engine details of our initiative and part numbered in the catalog is arranged to be used for spare parts definitions. General maintenance at least once a year to be appropriate engine built for continuous productivity.