Description and Information Related to Electric Motors

Building Size: asynchronous motors to the base of the shaft axis H (mm) height, the size of the engine shows the standard structure .. body size of the engine is also called the axis height.

Building Forms (IM)

Building forms have been standardized.

The main building has five format.

  • The front lid, pedestal types (B3)
  • leg and flange type for (B35 and B34)
  • without base, flange type and (B5 and B14)
  • Flip front capless types (B15)
  • without base, front capless types (B9)

It used type B3, B34, B35, B5, B14 are types. Building forms and mounting arrangements are shown schematically.

Rated values: The normal operating conditions for a given engine and the electrical and mechanical size indicated on the label is all numeric values.

Input power P1: : The power of the engine is pulled from the network. Unit 'W' or 'KW' is.

Output power (nominal power), PN: at rated voltage and frequency is the mechanical power from the motor shaft running at full load. Unit W or kW.

Rated current, IN: the nominal voltage and frequency is the line drawn by the motor running at full load current from the power supply.

In idle: Rated voltage and frequency, without a load on the shaft is the engine for no-load operation.

Load current Io: the motor rated voltage and frequency, idling current is drawn from the supply line.

Starting current (starting current), IA: the motor nominal frequency, nominal voltage is applied, yet still the largest current draw when the rotor is motor inrush current.

Rated torque, MN: at rated voltage and frequency are formed in the shaft of the motor torque at full load in these years.

From Moment (Moment of Alma Road), MA: When the rated frequency of the motor rated frequency rated voltage is applied, the engine standstill (if not stop) from the time of initial torque value is formed.

Tipping torque MK: Motor rated voltage and maximum torque while working at nominal frequency değeridir.moment unit is Newton-meters. Briefly Nm as shown.

Property type (S = Service): Engine is a constant in the specified period of time or more in order to work with a certain load. The most commonly used type of work is constantly expressed as Q1. Inter Engine type Electric Motor runs in S1 operation.

Standard ambient conditions: temperature +40 oC is no more, the height of up to 1,000 meters (inclusive) and that the relative humidity of the conditions for an environment that is more than 95% of expression eder.orta temperature +40 oC in places over 1000 meters high, which is standard rated power of the engine running or upgrade reduced.

Mechanical types of protection (IP): is dangerous to touch parts under voltage of the motor. Meanwhile engines, in must protect against penetration of solid foreign bodies and water. According to the standards of protection has two objectives. Touch and protection against foreign bodies, protection against water. These two protection performs the following types of protection are shown as IP and two digits. Figures degree grows protection rises. Common types of protection IP54 and IP55 production of asynchronous motors are the types of mechanical protection. Protection type of inter ıp55't engine.

winding insulation, insulation classes: strength of the insulating material used in insulation winding temperature of asynchronous motors are the most important factors. When the wear limit temperatures for the hottest point of the coil windings provide adequate lifetime. Operating life of the engine temperature when the limit is exceeded every 10K halved. Induction motor windings are usually B, F and class H insulation is sometimes.

Inter Motors Electric Motors 's insulation F (155oc) is the class. B temperature rise (80K) d.

Cooling type (IC): Cooling, formed in the outer periphery of the engine and the transmission losses converted into heat. Cooling aim is to keep the temperature of the dielectric material below the allowable limit. Construction size of 56 which has no cooling fan motor. Absorbing the free propagation. Building size of greater than 63 engines, made of perforated steel plate employee housing cover is cooled by the outer surface with a plastic propeller. This cooling method IC international standard 411 as shown. Inter cooling type of electric motor IC411 is.