Board of asynchronous motors up

Instead Setup Engine Business

Installation of motor connection with the first run and should be done by an authorized electrician supervision. The life of an engine depends on the insulation system lifetime and the lifetime of the bed. Largely determines the life of bearings, the motor is driven to machine the presence or absence on the same axis. A small misalignment will cause the secretion deposits impair short period and engine power loss occurs. Engine must be installed on a flat, vibration-free environment. Your feet should be aligned. Flange motor centering on very well done and the connecting bolts must be tightened with equal force. B14 flange motor in connection bolt lengths must be chosen. Bolt length should not touch the winding Taking the cap tread depth. Rotors are balanced with half key in the shaft end. The transmission elements must be balanced with a half key. Pulleys, couplings and other transmission elements during installation, and should not impact force to disrupt beds. Order can be inserted precisely in the absence of transmission elements and the apparatus is convenient insertion heated up to 80 ° C. If a belt drive is used, the engine must be installed on rails and belt tensioning to be set correctly. If excessive vibration occurs straps loose and warm. If the straps are too tense, bearing the friction increases, the beds were damaged and overheating occurs again. Belts and pulleys settings are set to be done very carefully. Our engines, made of thermoplastic material and cooling the outer surface of the rear shaft is connected securely with the help of the impeller. The cooling air is sucked and should prevent the passage of the outer surface. Do not operate the cooling propeller engines ever. To influenced by the increase in ambient temperature, the engine of the walls, should not be installed too close to heat sources. Inspection and maintenance of motors direction, climate conditions, rain, special measures should be protected against direct sun rays.

Grid Connection of motor

Engines must not be operated at mains voltage written on the label. After the engine and mounted machines to be run instead, the engine of the network connection to be made. Network connection, depending on whether single-phase or three-phase motors must comply with the wiring diagram shown in the terminal box cover. Cable ends, if the change of ends in the terminal and for any reason one of the severed ends should be long enough to allow it to be connected again. Connection cable ends, cable lug must be inserted into appropriate sections. Cable cross-sections will be taken for the motor to be connected to the network; A current will pass through the cable, the cable length and permissible line voltage drop should be selected to be appropriate. Grounding in motor installation must be done. Earth connection where the motor terminal box is shown with screw connection point within the earth. Ends of the motor windings; the terminal table, contactor and switch ends of the screws and nuts squeezed as required, must be connected.